Minneapolis Web Design

What differentiates us from the rest? Quality, experience, affordability, creativity and most of all, customer service. Now is the time to Evolve your business to the next level, don’t get left behind while technology helps your competitors stay ahead. We hope to be your one stop shop for answers and services to boost your business ahead of the competition. Browse our portfolio of websites and graphic design and see for yourself.

Minneapolis WordPress Specialists

Wordpress is on 23% of the websites in the world and growing. Why? It is the market leader in content management systems. In this era of technological advances, people and businesses want to easily add, edit and delete content on their websites. It is vital to keep your customers and readers informed and updated. Gone are the days where you need to contact your web developer with every last minute change, and get charged for it. What makes us different? We create a beautiful, fully functioning site integrated with WordPress, and aren’t limited to “templates”. The best part about it, is that you control your content when we are finished. We have plenty of articles, tutorials, videos and will train you or your staff on how to use WordPress when we are done.

Minneapolis Responsive Web Design

Over 50% of traffic is now on mobile devices. Making your site responsive to any device has become so important, that Google is going as far as penalizing sites in its search rankings that aren’t mobile ready. Every site we build is mobile responsive. We make sure that it looks good as every screen resolution as well. It’s also important that potential customers as well as your existing ones can easily navigate your site and find the information they need quickly and easily. Find out if your site is mobile ready, just go to the Google Mobile Friendly test site and enter your URL. If it’s not your site may be getting hurt in the rankings. 

Minneapolis SEO Specialists

SEO or search engine optimization is one of the most overlooked aspects of business today. If your traffic comes from Google search, you definitely need to rank higher. 90% of people never leave the first page, and the top 3 results get almost 70% of the clicks. Local search can make or break your small business. We are experts in optimizing your site and using standard methods to improve your ranking in search. Why wait years for your site to slowly crawl up the rankings or fall out of them. We get proven results, typically in only a few months time. After top rankings are achieved we continue to monitor targeted keyword phrases to help your business move up everywhere.

Minneapolis Social Media Marketing

Most people are on social media these days. With that being said, if you don’t have a noticeable presence on social media, you are missing out on brand marketing. We are experts in which social media channels you should be advertising on. We also help you build your fans and followers with the latest methods to attract more. These impressions created from your online presence will stick in your potential customers heads, just like the catchy commercials of the past. All of these online interactions help stick your brand name on their tongue and can also lead to new customers. 68% of people are more likely to frequent a business they follow online. How many followers do you have?

Minneapolis Digital Marketing

Along with SEO and social media, there are plenty of other avenues to attract new business. Pay per click advertising through Google or Facebook uses laser targeted methods to hit the demographic you are after. We take care of your campaigns so that your budget is not wasted on frivolous clicks. Email marketing is the best way to keep your customers informed in their inbox. Notify them of specials, sales or even just thank them. We can also administer campaigns that will nurture your potential clients with a series of drip emails based on their actions. We also have other methods of generating inbound traffic from sources you may have never heard of. 

Minneapolis Branding and Print

Our creative department can make your brand stand out from the rest. We know how to get to the look you are after, and make your logo and branding beautiful, professional and memorable. Think of the biggest brands you know, what do they all have in common? Unforgettable branding. Let us help you create something memorable. We can also put your brand on pens, cups, banners, business cards, notepads and anything else that can be printed on. Nothing converts more than amazingly designed material, whether it’s print or digital.

Minneapolis Website Hosting

Do you know how all of your traffic, emails and other files are routed? We take care of setting up all of the details to make sure you have nothing to worry about. We also can host your website on our servers at comparable rates with the other top hosts, as well as regular backups and security included for free. 

Minneapolis E-Commerce Specialists

More and more people are now shopping online in today’s society. The security is almost flawless and the ease of use is perfect for customer and vendor. We are experts in setting up every aspect of the online storefronts needed to get your products online and to their homes. We can handle all of the infrastructure requirements and make sure you have the right interface to sell any product, virtual or real.

Get in Touch

We are conveniently located in the Minneapolis / St. Paul area, but have established relationships with clients all over the country and the world. It is possible to communicate effectively through email, phone calls or even video conferencing to get all of the needed information. We also love meeting our clients in person, and can take any sort of payment, digital, check or cash. Forming a bond with our customers helps us get a feel for exactly what you want created, and making that vision come to life.

Fill out our general contact form, of if you want an email quote, fill out our expanded form. We can also be reached by email at info@evolvewebsitedesign.com and phone 952-456-1481.